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Our Aims and Objectives

Objectives of the Gambian Deaf Children Support Project (GDCSP).

The objectives of the GDCSP are to support and enhance the opportunities for deaf children throughout The Gambia to achieve educational and social success, and be able to take their place as happy, productive and independent members of Society.

Aims of the Gambian Deaf Children Support Project (GDCSP).

To improve the arrangements for the detection of deafness in babies and young children.

To facilitate the development of communication in deaf children, both by the use of hearing aids and sign language, as appropriate.

To enhance the skill base of Gambian teachers working with deaf children and improve the opportunities for training, both in St John’s School for the Deaf, and in mainstream schools across the country.

To raise expectations of the academic, social, communicative and employment potential of deaf children and young people.

To work closely with the adult organisation for the Deaf in The Gambia (GADHOH) to ensure deaf children are able to meet and enjoy the company of other deaf people.

To assist in the provision of resources and equipment for use in the education of deaf children and in maintaining their well-being.

To assist in the development of additional educational facilities in other parts of the country where appropriate.

To enable deaf children to be educated in, or as near as possible to, their local community through the provision of itinerant (visiting) specialist teacher support, or the establishment of regional resource bases (units).

  • A Happy Lady with new Hearing Aid

  • A Deaf Pupil at St Johns

  • Sign Language Interpreter

  • Applying Ear Drops